Defining Extremist, Moderate, Centrist, and the Radical Activist

I wonder, is it true that there is no such thing as a moderate voter, or is it that there’s no such thing as a centrist voter? To me, moderate means "in moderation," while centrist means "average." I think people are too complex to be an average of extremes, but aren’t necessarily geared towards extremism either, preferring, instead, a middle of their own road where life's journeys can progress smoothly.

Submitted by Gina on January 14, 2007 - 13:54.

Bill Moyers' Funny Opener

Bill Moyers opened his remarks at Free Press' Media Reform Conference with this great Ben Franklin quote:

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote. My fellow lambs, its good to be in Memphis."

Submitted by Gina on January 12, 2007 - 10:36.

More Academics Need to Risk Political Involvement

For a non-student, I study a lot, history and sociology, especially. And in my short political career, I find most academics, people with knowledge that could give perspective to and illuminate today’s challenges, wouldn’t dream of getting their hands dirty in the political arena. One exception I'm personally aware of, cognitive linguist, George Lakoff, made it a point to translate his 450-page tome, Moral Politics, into a short afternoon reading version, Don't Think of an Elephant. The Internet has trained this generation to have sharp bullshit detectors, and citizens, realizing they have choices in what information they let into their lives, are hungry for leaders who approach them intelligently. Above is a photo of Professor Lakoff at last year’s YearlyKos Convention teaching a packed room of eager activist.

Submitted by Gina on January 8, 2007 - 16:10.

Approaching Blogs as Constituency Groups Stifles Potential for Direct Democracy

Applying old assumptions to the blogosphere, politicians approach bloggers as community consensus definers within a new type of constituency group. While the community aspect of blogs may suggest a constituency/leader structure, the best bloggers follow a media model and do not represent their writings as consensus, but as reporting information or the opinion of one. Both blogs and newspapers depend on the patronage of their readership, from the ability to obtain ad revenue, to the opportunity to alter conventional wisdom. Yet approaching the blogosphere using media models is insufficient. Reaction to Gov. Warner’s YKC networking event was dominated by a vocal minority, horrified that netizens were courted as media.

Submitted by Gina on January 4, 2007 - 02:58.

The Need for Help in Crashing the Technology Gate

In an email discussion about recruiting geeks as volunteers, YearlyKos Convention website guru, Raven, noted, "One thing to keep in mind with the projects though is that as a general rule they need to have a scope such that you can deliver something and realize the benefits."

I'm beginning to believe that our power in the blogosphere will soon be more limited by "the establishment" having confusion about what to do with us than by the gates that will remain to be crashed. I think a lot about this problem in my work with YKC, because helping them crash the technology gate makes it easier for them to listen to, understand, and embrace the people, resources and potential of the blogosphere.

Submitted by Gina on January 3, 2007 - 15:47.

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Ford Post Election Analysis. Southern Dems Who Pander Lose, Southern Dems Who Are Authentic Win.

I'm still a bit peeved about the wasted opportunity of Harld Ford Jr.'s campaign. The election was his to lose. Like the rest of America, Tennessee was ready for change. But the Ford campaign didn't recognize that, instead running an old style machine powered top down campaign. Authentic progressive candidates won all over the country while the cynicism and failed policies of conservatism were rejected over and over again. The strategic blunders of the Ford campaign were so obvious, so disappointing, and so painful to watch for those of us who love Tennessee.

Submitted by Gina on December 21, 2006 - 19:56.


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