Labor's 21st Century "Bedouin" Challenge (UPDATE 2)

My husband tricked me. After being on the road for too long, it didn't take much to guilt me into visiting the MIL (who I love). I was guaranteed I would still be able to work while he went skiing, and then we would have family time in the evening. But on arrival I discovered, to my horror, there was no internet access.

Initially, I flipped out. Then we trekked to a coffee shop where I could download my email (grab a pastry) and drive back to Mom’s place in the foothills. A few round trips later this proved inconvenient, and so my Blackberry became the better tool. Since I was working on the Berry, husband reasoned that I should do my work from a ski lift at Sugar Bowl. And so I caved.

Stories like mine are becomming more common, and this morning I discovered that there’s a name for people like me who do tech enabled mobile office work: bedouin.

Dan Frost writes in the Chronicle,

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When Howard Dean said, "You have the power," I had no idea where those inspirational words would end up leading me. -gina



Second Annual Convention Invites Candidates to
Answer Questions from the Blogosphere and
Engage Netroots Activists in Unscripted Citizen Dialogues

Forum Moderators include Daily Kos blogger, Joan McCarter,
With guest moderator Matt Bai, writer for the New York Times Magazine and author of a forthcoming book
on Democratic politics.

Author and blogger, Jeffrey Feldman, will facilitate questions from the blogosphere and convention

February 27, 2007 – Today organizers of the YearlyKos Convention announced an unprecedented forum
featuring potential 2008 presidential candidates during the second annual YearlyKos Convention on August
4th in Chicago. Organizers touted the forum as an opportunity to use technology to empower regular
citizens and grassroots activists to engage, vet and evaluate America’s potential leaders, both face-to-face
and online.

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Valentine's Day ACK!

I'm so proud of my html, I had to post it here

If you are like me, you woke up this morning, powered up the computer, opened your calendar, and thought, “OMG, I can’t believe it’s that day again." (It’s a fracking conspiracy, I tell you.) And if you are like me, you work hard for too many hours, and so it is up to you to make up for 365 days of someone else putting up with you, your wacky schedule, your strange computer habits, your hoarding of the remote control and subjecting the family to hours upon hours of c-span.

And so it’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ve got nuttin.

You could rush to store and grab the last card, complete with wrinkled envelope and foot print, grab the last brown edged rose, a few boxes of jr. mints and a frozen lasagna, or convince that special someone that delayed gratification is often worth the wait, and you’ve had something special planned all along...

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The Primary of Authenticity

OK, I'm calling it. I think this primary season is going to be incredible, and I think we are going to see an epic battle between the most authentic candidates with the best ideas. I’ve been saying that since last summer, and I know it’s pretty idealistic, but with cell phone videos to youtube, with an increase in online campaigning to better search methods, it’s just going to be too difficult for anyone to be perfect all the time. Below I note three technologies with the potential to make 2008 very interesting.

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An Unseemly Rant For a Reasonable Person

Here’s one of many differences between newspapers and blogs. A newspaper would never print self-gratifying tirades like the one below. Thank God for the blogosphere.

United Airlines S***s

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Jackson Baker on Ford Jr.'s Loss

I know it's time I got over it. But I'm still mad about that wasted opportunity. He should have won.

Jackson Baker notes in the Memphis Flyer that attributing the loss to racism alone
is incomplete:

That ignored the facts that Ford had been a supporter of the Iraq war early and often, that the Beltway establishment’s imputations of racism to the ad had been rebutted by Ford himself, and that at least a marginal factor in his defeat was the congressman’s unrelentingly conservative rhetoric and voting record, one that had been well documented by the liberal portion of the blogosphere.


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But Video Didn't Kill the Radio Star

What the...
Are journalist starting to take the blogosphere seriously? Really? When did that happen? Or has it been happening for a while and I've been too busy to notice?

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The challenges of change are always hard. It is important that we begin to unpack those challenges that confront this nation and realize that we each have a role that requires us to change and become more responsible for shaping our own future.
-Hillary Clinton

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