Kids Need Adults. Is That Such A Radical Concept?

Education reform: Everyone’s an expert, because everyone has spent time in a classroom.

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Two Senators, 4 Congressmen, and Jim Dean

The highlight of my third trip to DC was definitely the YKC fundraiser. Sens. Feingold and Tester were there, along with Reps. Brad Miller, Jerry McNerney, John Hall, and Earl Blumenaur. We also had a special drop in by Jim Dean. Brian Keeler took lots of photos and posted them in a diary on Daily Kos.

Here's one of me and everyone's favorite Congressman, Brad Miller.

Gina Cooper and Rep. Brad Miller

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Eve Fairbanks Reveals Bias in Review of "Framing the Debate"

I wrote this as a diary on Daily Kos, and hesitated posting it here because it's probably the meanest, angriest thing I've written, and that's not my usual MO. But I'm shocked at the number of emails I have received from people (on the left and the right!) saying they've had similar experiences with Fairbanks. And these are not of the usual disgruntled kind, but legitimate concerns from well respected officials, for example. This is more than an isolated incident. This is not just me feeling like one of my colleagues has been treated unfairly.

Jeffrey Feldman has written a wonderful book, Framing the Debate, which is so much more than a "how to" book for progressive frames. It is a beautiful history of great presidential speeches and the way presidents ask Americans to view the world with the powerful words they choose.

Yesterday in the NYT, New Republic writer, Eve Fairbanks reviewed Jeffrey's book, if you want to call it that. Mostly she just ranted her world view and cherry picked some quotes to back it up. Eve Fairbanks submitted an irresponsible piece that mischaracterized Jeffrey's book and I'm a little too furious about this to compose a proper introduction, so I'll just get to it.

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The Internet Artitsts of Politics: Their Portraits are Policy and Their Media, Ideas

I don't think traditional investors fully understand the kind of people who are most creative in using the internet. Just the other day I was on an networking call, explaining that what we wanted from the network were direct connections to donors.

They started in on the "consult your rolodex and look up the people you went to jr. high with" lecture, "You never know what has happened to them!" I couldn't take it. "Yeah, I do," I said, "and it has more to do with trailer parks and penitentiaries than anything that would enhance my rolodex."

awkward laughter.

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I posted this on Daily Kos as a fund raising appeal. I was impressed with how many organizations I could rattle off the top of my head that will be represented by speakers YKC.

Last night I was thinking about the progressive movement and the people who are part of it. I was thinking about organizations and democratic institutions too, how they have changed (or not) with technology, and how the growing community based phenomena on the internet is a driver of the new politic. I get to work with many people in the progressive movement, and what I appreciate most is the mosaic of inspiring individuals who have the idealism and determination for not just creating, but also implementing the new ideas needed for a progressive future.

I also thought about the cynical right with their bankrupt beliefs and the silly names they call us. It made me sad that there are so many jaded or fearful or negative or down right deranged people out there who, when they look around, see nothing but darkness and evil in their neighbors.

But mostly I thought about the name calling, and it made me laugh.

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Audio of BlogTalkRadio with Matt Bai, Joan McCarter, and Me

Nate Wilcox and Dave Johnson (subbing for James Boyce) interview Matt Bai, McJoan, and me about the blogosphere, YearlyKos, the media, messages and ideas, and also discuss Matt's book, THE ARGUMENT: Billionaires, Bloggers, and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics which can be preordered here).

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Establishing the Progressive Ideaosphere

No doubt, the blogosphere has established itself as a communications hub for truth seekers and activists to organize and take action. Scooter Libby, Path to 911, Social Security Privatization, George Allen, Use It or Lose It, NV FOX Debate, and, most recently, the US Attorney Firings are all progressive victories that were achieved because the blogosphere pushed these issues into the consciousness of the American public.

But what next? If, as Saul Alinski says, the price for being right is providing a viable alternative, how do we present a vision for a progressive government now that the incompetence of the Bush administration and failure of conservatism has been established?

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The challenges of change are always hard. It is important that we begin to unpack those challenges that confront this nation and realize that we each have a role that requires us to change and become more responsible for shaping our own future.
-Hillary Clinton

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