If You Aren't Yet Convinced That Green Energy Is The Next Big Thing...

Earth2Tech has the year in lobbying by the numbers:

* Climate lobbyists for every member of Congress: 5
* Venture capital and private equity firms lobbying on climate issues: 12+
* Lobbyists working for venture and investment firms on climate issues: 60
* Interests that joined the climate debate for the first time in the third quarter of 2009: 140
* Businesses and interest groups lobbying on climate issues in 2003: 150
* Lobbyists representing environmental groups: 160
* Lobbyists representing alternative energy firms and interest groups: 170
* Lobbyists representing “major sectors,” including manufacturers, power, oil and gas companies, transportation and agriculture: 2,000
* Amount spent on climate issues in the third quarter, if 10 percent of groups’ lobbying budgets went to climate-related activity (exact spending by issue is not disclosed): $30.5 million, up about 13 percent from the previous quarter.

Submitted by Gina on December 29, 2009 - 09:02.

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