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Republican Hypocrisy on Earmarks

I think the old guys forgot that this is the internet age and we can actually compare what they say with what they do.

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I love you Giants!

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(FL-25) Republican David Rivera's Shady Business

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Republican History of Violent Rhetoric

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Ilyse Hogue's Statement on the Stomping of Lauren Valle by Rand Paul Supporters

The Statement:

Statement by Ilyse Hogue, Director of Political Advocacy and Communicaitons for

“I am offended and outraged by the words of Tim Profitt, the Rand Paul campaign worker who, with two other men, threw 23 year-old Lauren Valle to the ground and then stomped on her head, leaving her with a concussion. Profitt said the attack was 'not a big deal,' that Lauren 'instigated it' and that 'she should apologize' -- words that are eerily familiar to many women who have faced assault and abuse.

“Lauren's exercise of her First Amendment rights cannot possibly justify the violence against her any more than a woman's clothes can excuse a sexual assault. If Tim Profitt can get away with blaming Lauren for his attack on her, then women -- and all those speaking out for their beliefs in this political climate -- will have reason to fear. Candidates on both sides of the aisle, including Rand Paul, must condemn Profitt's outrageous statements and call out this violence for what it is: anti-women and anti-American."

The video:

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Jim DeMint: Not the Only Bold Bigot

Sometimes old people say things that make us young folk cringe.

Grandma Dorothy was 92. She lived in a small town in rural northern California, and referring to a near-by river village she said, “The gays have taken over Guerneville, but I like what they have done with the place.”

“The gays?” Ack!

Yet Grandma went on to describe the town’s creative new storefronts and community festivals with much approval.

For someone who had seen nearly a century of history and a lifetime of change, this was Grandma accepting a new generation’s more enlightened values. Her edge was easily forgiven because we know what she meant. To her, “the gays” were still something different to understand, but good neighbors nonetheless and that’s what mattered. So she embraced their contribution, added her new friends to her Christmas cookie list, and moved forward with the times. Her evolving beliefs resulting actions were redeeming of the rhetoric.

But take these cringe-worthy comments from another old person, this time a congressman from South Carolina:

At a 2004 debate, DeMint declared that openly gay people should not be teaching public school. "We need the folks that are teaching in schools to represent our values," he said. DeMint later added that he "would have given the same answer when asked if a single woman, who was pregnant and living with her boyfriend, should be hired to teach my third grade children."

Having originally apologized for the comments, six years later he is now defending them.

But last week, DeMint said that he had been privately encouraged by reaction to his words.
"[N]o one came to my defense," he said at at a rally. "But everyone would come to me and whisper that I shouldn't back down.

As a former teacher from Memphis, the notion that discriminatory hiring practices are necessary to protect children from exposure to gays (or pregnant women) is ridiculous, misguided and an encroachment on private lives of teachers. The arguments here are obvious and have been stated many times. But looking deeper, beyond this one example, the DeMint situation is a metaphor for what has gone wrong with our political processes.

The private encouragement whispered to DeMint is not that much different than the private interests anonymously funding this political season’s Republican message. The cowards behind this hate-filled election year count on bold old bigots like Jim DeMint to carry their water.

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Timberlake and Fallon with The Roots: History of Rap

I <3 Justin Timberlake.

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