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Click and Clack. Those Bastards.

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Sen. Sessions Can't Decide of A Trillion Dollars is Significant

So, get this - Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the lead Republican on the Senate Budget Committee says that President Obama's Budget that would cut the deficit by $1.1 Trillion over the next 10 years is "insignificant," and in the SAME INTERVIEW says that Republican suggestions to cut $1 Billion is a significant step. WTF? Get your talking points right Senator. Or better yet, stop using the crisis to further a political agenda and instead try to solve some problems.

You gotta see the video to believe it.

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Health Care Repeal FACTS

Stephanie Cutter adds some actual facts to the discussion on repealing Health Care reform.

To summarize the facts:

  1. Currently, American families are paying an extra $1,000 per year to compensate health care providers for costs associated with the uninsured.
  2. The new law requires that 80% of health care dollars have to actually go to health care as opposed to, say, PR, advertising and the hiring of lobbyists.
  3. The new law requires insurance companies to justify premium hikes. These consumer protections will also lower consumer costs.
  4. By lowering premiums, the burdon on businesses providing insurance to their employees is lowered, leaving those revenues available for capital improvements, employee raises and new-hires.
  5. If premium costs are not brought under control, 2.5M – 4M jobs will be lost according to Harvard economists

So why are Republicans pushing their false claims about Health Care Reform? The LA Times exposes the source:

What about Republican assertions that studies show hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk?

They are quite misleading. As outlined by the nonpartisan, one study by the conservative National Federation of Independent Business that an estimated 1.6 million jobs would be lost did not analyze the new law. Instead, it examined an alternative that did not exempt small businesses from the mandate.

That's right, the numbers Republicans are quoting have nothing to do with the actual law.

Oh, and who is the National Federation of Independent Business? According to Wikipedia:

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is a lobbying organization with offices in Washington, D.C. USA, and in all 50 state capitals.

There you have it. The whole Republican argument is based on a dishonest report prepared by lobbyists.

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Creatives Embrace Messiness

Malcolm Gladwell on the Creative Mind:

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Tell Me Lies!

About that $100Bn Republicans promised to cut -

Either they were lying all along or too incompetent in their planning to look the freaking calendar. Which one? Let the smirks of the Republicans asked about their promise answer your question.

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My Big Prediction for 2011

My big prediction? This guy is going to be huge - he's already on his way. In his own words, "Set your goals high man. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t be what you want to be."

So many video communities are building amazingly positive spaces where the stars are generous with one another and lift others up with them by cross linking, engaging in collaborative projects and asking their viewers to contribute ideas. Paying attention to these communities is as essential to understanding the future of communications as paying attention to blogs was in the early part of the last decade.

And DeStorm is one of the best. Check out this collaborative project produced along with the creative genius of his viewers:

Here's the original acapella track with all twenty harmonic vocals.

We are only seeing the beginning of how community can be built around video. DeStorm is the guy to watch when it comes to these trends. He's not the biggest. Yet. But he's onto something and being smart about it. (Ooo, I want them shoes in that link above. I neeeed them, man.)

In closing, since I love DeStorm and Bon Jovi, here's some beat box candy for your rockers:

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